Monday, October 06, 2008

Random Shots Around New York City, October 2008

Random photographs taken in New York City over the course of the summer that give me, at least, a sense of my time there: a poster of Ruth Orkin's "American Girl in Italy" in a little food shop on 1st Avenue; oatmeal and fresh berries for breakfast on the roof of the Yale Club; looking up from Vanderbilt Ave.; eroded iron covers on 2nd Ave.; Madame de Pompadour reading the New York Times in Corrado on 72nd; medical supplies with flags and falling stockings on 72nd and 2nd; the Little Mermaid on 5th Ave.; a redtail hawk chowing down outside a 17th floor window overlooking 57th Street; sunset on 57th; firemen pay tribute to themselves, never forgetting 9/11; and the FBI remembers its own with a plaque in the field office at 26 Federal Plaza. - Chris
(Taken with Nikon, Philips and iPhone)

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